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7 reasons why CoLocalizer is the best to analyze colocalization



CoLocalizer Pro for Mac and CoLocalizer for iPad are respective desktop and mobile versions of CoLocalizer app. Together, they provide a unique value for cell and molecular biology researchers. Here is why:


1. Both CoLocalizer Pro for Mac and CoLocalizer for iPad are modern macOS and iOS apps. As such, they offer everything you can expect from native applications, such as unlimited undo, high performance, and efficient use of system resources.


2. Ensure reliability of calculations by using a unique procedure to correct background (remove noise) in images using smart correction.


3. The only professional research biology apps with full iCloud support. Modern architecture of CoLocalizer allows seamless integration with latest features of Apple apps, including cloud storage and Continuity. You can start analyzing image on your Mac and finish it on iPad right where you left off. You can also access your images from anywhere, using either Mac or PC.


4. Offer extensive export options. You can export everything you analyze, such as calculations, images, regions of interests (ROIs), and revealed pixels for further use and sharing.


5. Designed with focus on simplicity and speed. Both apps are very compact and fast. They contain no bloat, only what’s needed.


6. Widely adopted by the science community. You can fully rely on your data and always refer to how the apps were used by others, if needed.


7. Perfectly documented. Both apps include easily accessible web-based built-in Help. The contents of the Help is frequently updated to reflect changes in improvements in the apps. Our website contains a wealth of useful information, like important guidelines about requirements to the images and tips about interpretation of obtained results. Our YouTube channel also gives tips how to use the most important tools of CoLocalizer. In addition, we regularly provide relevant news and updates on Twitter.


Both CoLocalizer Pro for Mac and CoLocalizer for iPad are free to try before purchasing any license.






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