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CoLocalizer and iCloud 



The recently released CoLocalizer Pro version 5 finally brought full support for iCloud. For those users of CoLocalizer Pro who do not use iCloud Drive and iPad (more about iPad below) this may be not a big deal, but actually it is.

CoLocalizer and iCloud

Previously, it was of course possible to save CoLocalizer images to iCloud Drive too, but once you edited and saved your image on a Mac, the file in your iCloud Drive was not changed. If you needed the edited image in your iCloud Drive, you had to “Save As…” your new edited file manually. And you had to repeat the same process for every image when it has changed. Every single time.


In CoLocalizer Pro 5 and newer, you are given the option to save your images in .colocalizer file format.  Then, you can open a CoLocalizer image file from anywhere you want (for example, from iCloud Drive or from another Mac), edit your image in CoLocalizer, and save the changes you’ve made in the same document.


Support for iCloud also enabled CoLocalizer for iPad, which relies on iCloud to access images. You can now access images edited by CoLocalizer Pro on a Mac on an iPad and continue on iPad where you left off on a Mac. CoLocalizer  images are always up-to-date and saved everywhere. To the best of our knowledge,  CoLocalizer is the first professional scientific image analysis app to receive full iCloud support. And we are very proud of that.

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