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CoLocalizer for iPad Release Notes


CoLocalizer  1.4.2 (2018.04.26)

• Made minor UI changes.


CoLocalizer  1.4.1 (2018.03.31)

• Made tweaks to the algorithm for revealing colocalized pixels.

• Made minor UI improvements.


CoLocalizer  1.4 (2018.03.20)

• Made more reliable algorithm for revealing colocalized pixels.

• Scattergram is now presented as heatmap.

• When revealing colocalized pixels, scattergram now shows the area where colocalized pixels are located.

• When quantifying colocalization, image is now shown according to the pair of selected channels instead of three channels as it was before.

• Improved UI when downloading sample images.

• Refreshed several graphics elements.

• Improved wording of some alerts.


CoLocalizer  1.3.3 (2017.12.06)

• Fixed an issue when label displaying size of selected ROI could go beyond the screen when resizing it.

• Fixed a previously introduced issue when app didn't exit Edit mode on Image Manager screen after deleting selected images.

• Made various UI enhancements.


CoLocalizer  1.3.2 (2017.12.01)

• Re-worked export based on changes in file management in iOS11.

• Improved layout of export popovers in Slide Over view.

• Fixed an error issue when exporting in Slide Over view.

• Simplified the Reveal Colocalized Pixels functionality: it is no longer necessary to tap on screen to view colocalized pixels, just use the Reveal Colocalized Pixels switcher for instant display.

• Color Picker has now different respective titles when it is used in the Settings for setting Selected ROI border color and on Quantify Colocalization screen for revealing colocalized pixels.

• Made various UI enhancements.


CoLocalizer  1.3.1 (2017.11.23)

• Improved speed of Help popover loading.

• When image with selected ROI is returned to Image Manager Screen and then re-opened, ROI selection is now cleared.

• Improved reliability of Conflict Resolver when images were modified on different devices when offline.


CoLocalizer  1.3 (2017.11.16)

• Enabled push notifications.

• Improved loading of sample images when one or several of them were previously deleted.

• Fixed zoom issue when opening Quantify Colocalization and Select ROI screens.

• Fixed an issue when glossary pages in Help were opening in browser instead of in Help popover on iOS 11.


CoLocalizer  1.2 (2017.11.10)

• Introducing Smart Background Correction: it is now possible to correct background regardless of the properties of Selected ROI and properly compare results from different experiments.

• Improved animation when selecting thumbnails on Image Manager screen.

• Improved 10.5-inch iPad Pro compatibility.

• CoLocalizer files in iCloud Drive are now displayed as image thumbnails.

• Fixed an issue when changes of file name were not reflected on CoLocalizer on iPad when they were made on CoLocalizer Pro on Mac.

• Fixed an issue when .colocalizer file sent as email attachment could not be opened in CoLocalizer.

• Made various compatibility adjustments and fixes for iOS 11.


CoLocalizer  1.1.1 (2017.07.07)

• Improved layout of Export popovers in Slide Over View.

• Rotation and flipping are now synced between devices.

• Made minor UI tweaks.


CoLocalizer  1.1 (2017.06.22)

• Added controller for resolving conflicts when syncing between devices.

• Added support for undo by shaking.

• Added 3D Rotation animation of background correction presets thumbnails.

• Updated Tool Tips.

• Improved overall stability.

• Made various UI tweaks.


CoLocalizer  1.0.1 (2017.05.31)

• Improved reliability of Handoff.


CoLocalizer  1.0 (2017.05.07)

• Initial Release.

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