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The most intuitive quantitative colocalization analysis app

Open image and smartly correct its background. Select ROI and calculate coefficients. Export results. Make your colleagues envy. All in a matter of minutes.

Professional Features

Work like a pro.

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Analyze stacks

View, select, and examine colocalization on stacks of images. Select ROI and correct background in one slice and apply settings to the whole stack. Examine a single slice, if needed.

Import from microscope

Connect your Mac to a USB-enabled digital microscope and import images from it  right into CoLocalizer Pro for analysis. 

Powerful analytics

Take full control of every pixel in your image to view, analyze, and share.


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Correct background. Smartly

Tie together background correction and ROI selection into a single step. Correct background specifically for the selected ROI considering its unique properties.

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Correct background

Remove noise. Ensure reliability of calculations by guaranteeing that the levels of intensity potentially contributing to erroneous results will be excluded from the count.

Select ROI

Use different types of ROI for optimum selection of the areas with colocalization. Select areas with colocalization containing minimum contribution of surrounding tissues.

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Quantify colocalization

Calculate various specialized coefficients to estimate colocalization objectively. Analyze, compare, and present their values from various experiments.

Export results

Export all calculations and image data for viewing, presenting, publishing, archiving, and sharing. Get calculations in Excel file format for statistical analysis.

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Split images according to the selected pair of channels. Inspect staining for each of the two selected channels separately for comparison.


Combine two image channels into one and make the resulted image suitable for colocalization analysis.

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Inspect histogram

Get visual feedback on the distribution of pixels in an image by examining the graph of how they are presented at the each color intensity level.

View image

View images at different sizes and angles. Observe areas of your interest as conveniently and precisely as possible.

macOS  Support

Take advantage of features in modern Macs.


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Use iCloud 

With the help of iCloud online storage platform, all your analyzed images can be saved securely and are accessible across all of your devices at anytime.

Autosave and Versions 

Thanks to Apple's Auto Save functionality, the image you are analyzing is saved continuously. As a result, not only your work is always backed up, but you can view all previous versions of the file and even revert back, if necessary.

Advanced technologies

Achieve even better and faster performance.

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64-bit architecture

With its 64-bit architecture, CoLocalizer Pro is built to take full advantage of the amazing speed and power of modern Macs.

Core Image

CoLocalizer Pro leverages macOS  Core Image technology, which employs your Mac’s graphics card to ensure blisteringly fast image processing.

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Fast and Lightweight

 We are very particular about features we try to implement. The result is a compact, responsive app without bloat.

CoLocalizer Pro

Requires OS X 10.10 (Yosemite) or newer.

Free Trial

We recommend to try our software first before purchasing its license. The trial is free and can be activated after downloading and installing CoLocalizer Pro software on your Mac. Any data obtained during the trial cannot be used for presentation and publication without purchasing the full license.


If CoLocalizer Pro suits your needs, you are welcome to purchase its license. The license is subscription-based and is available in the following types:

1-Month for $299, 6-Month for $499, and 12-Month for $699.

Licenses can be purchased via our secure web store using credit card. All updates are free for the whole period of subscription.

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